Scheduling a Field Trip with Willow Bend

Step 1: Call us to schedule a date and time for your field trip.

Step 2: After scheduling a date, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with administrative forms. Please complete and return them as soon as possible.

“Thank you so much…(it) was very interesting and lots of fun! We are using several of the ideas you gave us, and are working to do a presentation for our school using the information we got from your group. Thanks, again, we truly appreciate you and your work.” — Copper Canyon Recycle Club

Our field trips focus on creating a connection between students and their earth through simple observation, fun activities, songs, and critical thinking exercises.

Willow Bend offers field trips September through October and April through May. To ensure the highest quality experience and most effective learning, we only work with one class at a time. We charge $5 per student per hour, but fee reductions and scholarships may be available for schools within Coconino County.

To learn more or to schedule a field trip, contact Cassandra at (928) 779-1745.

Flagstaff Recycling Tour (Grades: All; 1 hour)

Join Willow Bend on a behind-the-scenes tour of the City recycling center! Students will learn about conservation and the 3Rs as they view materials being processed. Thanks to the City of Flagstaff, fee reductions are available. For schools within FUSD, the bussing may be FREE (ask us for more information). Tours can be scheduled year-round, Monday through Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm. Suggested pre-trip visit: “Recycling Rules” or “Trash and the 3 Rs”

Willow Bend Discovery Field Trip (Grades: 1-5; 1 or 2 hours)

Enjoy our Discovery Room’s interactive exhibits focusing on our theme “Sustainable Living: It’s Easy Being Green.” Students will learn simple ways to lessen our impact on the Earth. They will also go on a hike to help connect them to nature through awareness activities.

Natural Senses Field Trip (Grade: Kindergarten; 1 hour)

This field trip helps younger students learn about nature through their senses! Through a hike and various games, students will learn about colors, shapes, textures, scents, and more in nature!

Incredible Insects (Grade: 1st; 1-2 hours)

Explore the amazing world of our local insects through hands-on exploration of the Willow Bend gardens, sensory games, and recycled art! Suggested pre-trip visit: “Incredible Insects”

Wacky Weather Field Trip (Grade: 2nd; 1-2 hours)

Learning about weather by being outside is only natural at Willow Bend. Students will hike into Sinclair Wash and explore weather through a variety of activities and games!

Downtown Geology Field Trip (Grades: 3rd; 1.5 hours)

Discover the history and geology of downtown Flagstaff with a focus on historic buildings made of stone. Tour starts at the library. Water and good walking shoes are recommended. Suggested pre-trip visit: "Downtown Flagstaff Geology"

Water Quality Field Trip (Grades: 4th, Middle and High School; 2 hours)

Students will conduct pH, DO, and other water quality tests at the Rio de Flag Wastewater Treatment Ponds to learn about watershed management. There may also be an opportunity for macroinvertebrate testing! Suggested pre-trip visit: “Water Quality”

Fire Ecology Field Trip (Grades: 4th, Middle and High School; 2 hours)

Through games and activities at Taylor Woods near Fort Valley, learn how fire is a necessary part of our ponderosa pine forest ecology.  Suggested pre-trip visit: “Fire Ecology”

Willow Bend Tour (Grade: Middle and High School; 1 hour)

Bring your class to explore the interactive exhibits in Willow Bend’s Discovery Room, focusing on our very relevant and popular theme, “Sustainable Living: It’s Easy Being Green!” Students will be introduced to passive solar design, native gardens, solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and simple ways to lessen our impact on the Earth.