“I learned so much!!! It was the best thing that happened in school. Come back again please.”
—Ben, 3rd grade, Sechrist Elementary

Willow Bend offers 49 in-class programs designed to supplement teachers’ science curricula.

Our programs are locally focused, grade-specific, standards-aligned, and activity-based. To see a full list of our programs, click the links to the right.

How much does it cost?

Most programs cost $5 per student. Many programs are generously supported by our Program Partners.

How do I schedule a program?

Step 1: Call or e-mail Cassandra (928-779-1745) to schedule a date and time for your program.

Step 2: After scheduling a date, check your e-mail. You should receive a message confirming your program date.

How many students can you take at once?

Please note that we only work with one class at a time (about 25 students).


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