Download Questing Materials


Questing is a natural history scavenger hunt designed to connect people with the history and culture of a particular area.

Here at Willow Bend, children and parents alike can enjoy a fun, educational adventure by following the clues provided in our Quest guide. Don’t worry though — there’s also a detailed map in case you wander off course! 

What better way is there to discover the area than by a casual hike around our beautiful grounds while playing a fun game? Our Quest will take you in and around Willow Bend, our grounds, and Sawmill Park. You will have a chance to see and learn about examples of sustainable living, native plants and animals, and the history of the area. If you have followed the clues carefully, a treasure awaits you at the end of your journey! 

Anyone is welcome to participate. Just swing by Willow Bend between 9 AM and 4 PM, Monday – Friday. You can either print off the included clues and map, or use our copies once you get here. We hope to see you soon!